Nr. 100 - REFLECTIONS ON THE INVISIBLE 2020, Frederik De Wilde

30 x 30 cm: ink print on glossy paper

With his work: "Reflections on the Invisible" the artist Frederik De Wilde reflects on the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic (Cat. Nr. 91) and its casualties; but more specifically on ways to redesign society.

I am already looking ahead and wonder how our world will look like after corona and the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope that governments will play a more active role in the economy by seeing public services as investments rather than cost items, and look for ways to make labor markets less uncertain. Policies such as basic income and capital taxes should be included in the post-corona era. The health-, social- and cultural sectors have proven very important during lockdown and are fundamental to a balanced society that is more resilient through diversity(Frederik De Wilde)