Nr. 10 - LO SQUARCIO I 2017 Fabio Castelli and Frank Raes

installation. largest sculpture 35 x 60 x 35 cmnut, wenge.

Sometimes, depending on the magnitude of the earthquake, only the old buildings remain intact (°) and the modern ones collapse. Despite everything science and technology has taught about materials, construction, stability, etc. … it looks like modernity is not able to build earthquake safe buildings. Modern buildings can be superficial, i.e., they are NOT rooted in the territory, they are NOT built for the people who work or live in them, but for other reasons. This is the modern separation of facts and values (see Cat. Nr. 48 ). Technicians can build a house in many ways, but it is left to regulators and politicians to decide how to construct them, with what values for people and environment.


(°) A young visitor, almost a child, noticed that the old buildings that could have collapsed already did so during previous earthquakes.