The Museum of Anthropocene Technology is part of an invisible network of places that evoke the same sentiments, trigger the same hidden memories, individual or collective. They are about Man’s special place in nature: that of observer, capturing sense of what he sees, linking it with something else or with everything else, giving it a place in the physical and spiritual web of correspondences. Looking is about capturing sense, about remembering sense captured by others. It is about making sense out of life, your own or that of others. But it is also also about exploring the limits about what makes sense and discover the non-sense that might still be left beyond those limits,  hoping to find peace in silence and nothing-ness.

SIr John Soane House London (UK)
Einstein Tower Potsdam (UK)
Museo Ulisse Aldrovandi Bologna (IT)
Saline Royale Arc en Senans (FR)
Caltech Pasadena, CA (USA)
Arcosanti Cordes Junction, AZ (USA)
The MJT Culver City, CA (USA)
Noguchi Museum New York, NY (USA)
Greenwich Observatory Greenwich (UK)
Villa Panza Varese (IT)
La Specola Bologna (IT)
Ryoanji Garden Kyoto (JP)
De Voerman Moen (BE)
Museo Canova Posnago (IT)
Getty Museum Garden Los Angeles, CA (USA)
La Congiunta Giornico (CH)