The permanent collection of the MAT holds original works of:

· David Bergé (Cat. Nr. 30)

. Fabio Castelli (Cat. Nr. 10)

. Jef Claerhout (Cat. Nr. 54)

· Fabio Cian (Cat. Nr. 12)

. Jan De Cock (on loan) (Cat. Nr. 38)

. Frederik De Wilde (Cat. Nr. 100)

· Guy Le Querrec (Cat. Nr. 49)

· AnneMarie Maes (Cat. Nr. 15) (Cat. Nr. 16)

. Marco Nifantani (in the hall of the Museum)

Renate Quehenberger (Cat. Nr. 104)(Cat. Nr. 105) (Cat. Nr. 108)

. Panamarenko (Cat. Nr. 101)

. Antonio Pizzolante (in the background of Exhibit Nr. 9)

. Matteo Pizzolante (Cat. Nr. 31)

. Frank Raes (Cat. Nr. 19) (Exhibit Nr. 4)

. Jan Raes (Cat. Nr. 45) (Cat. Nr. 76)

. Koen Vanmechelen

. Maarten Vanden Eynde (Exhibit Nr. 8)

. Anais Tondeur (Cat. Nr. 3)

apart from works made by the Museum itself. 

The Museum is currently developing projects or collaborating with the following artists:

- David Bergé: artistic installation
   funding: in the pipeline
- Par Carra: a book on climate change
   funding: in search of
- Fabio Cian: documenting climate change research and photographic  exhibition
   funding: Rachel Carson Foundation (Munich)
- Henry Fair: photographic exhibition
   funding: in the pipeline
- David Surprenant: development of App on weather & climate
   funding: GLUON (Brussels, first part), in search of (second part)

The Museum expresses its gratitude to

· Nicolini Edizioni, Gavirate (VA, Italy)
. the Wikimedia Foundation, San Francisco (CA, USA)
. the group of friends and visitors that are constituting "the Museum".