a collection of things to study our times

  • 2019, MAT
  • 2017 Fabio Castelli and Frank Raes
  • 2018, MAT

The museum is midway between an art and a science gallery. It turns objects into things that tell about the  relationship between humans and nature. It is a pretext to reflect about how this relationship determines  our future: that of humans, animals, flowers and rocks. A walk through the rooms of the museum, in cellars, over staircages and bridges, passing sculputers, paintings, maps and instruments makes you wonder and doubt. It makes you realize that there are more things in heaven and earth than what is suggested by our modern culture.

" I was puzzled when I entered the museum, and totally confused when I left it: my thinking had exploded." (Jens, 10/9/2021)

" ... respiriamo tutti in Gaia, con Gaia, la terra. Uscire da questo "museo a conduzione familiare" e ritrovare la pianta, la nuvola, la neve, pacificati. Grazie!" (Serena, 29/12/2020)

"It is an incredible, thought provoking experience to visit the museum ..." (Wim, 15/07/2020)

"Un modo originale per comprendere la nostra epoca confusa e immaginare un nuovo rinascimento." (Stefano, 22/03/2020)

"Absolutely one of the most interesting things I've done this year! " (Ute, 03/12/2019)

"We were all left with a surprising new outlook on the world as we left the museum." (Axelle, 28/05/2019)