a collection of things to study our times

  • 2019, MAT
  • 2017 Fabio Castelli and Frank Raes
  • 2018, MAT

There is challenging but beautiful work to be done: gather the things of our times: quasi-objects, hybrids, hyperobjects, ... and use these collections as Wunderkammern and instruments to study and tackle the collective issues of the Anthropocene.

C'รจ un gran bel lavoro da fare: collezionare le cose del nostro tempo: quasi-oggetti, ibridi, iper-oggetti, ... e usare queste collezioni come stanze della meraviglia, come strumenti per meglio capire e affrontare le problematiche collettive dell' Antropocene.

"It is an incredible, thought provoking experience to visit the museum ..." (Wim, 15/07/2020)

"Un modo originale per comprendere la nostra epoca confusa e immaginare un nuovo rinascimento." (Stefano, 22/03/2020)

"Absolutely one of the most interesting things I've done this year! " (Ute, 03/12/2019)

"We were all left with a surprising new outlook on the world as we left the museum." (Axelle, 28/05/2019)