Nr. 122 - SUSTAINABLE 2020, MAT

120 x 100 x 45 cm: vulcanised rubber

This sculpture in the “Garden of Tyred Utopia’s” (Cat. Nr. i23) shows the overlapping spheres of Environment, Economy and Society. A sustainable development is one that does not put in jeopardy neither one of those spheres, as each of these spheres is dependent on the other. It is a way of overcoming the dualisms of Economy vs. Environment, between Environment vs. Society, etc., by accepting that these spheres do in fact overlap, and are not neatly separated in the way Modern thought wants us to believe.

Only a development that is sustainable can “meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own (Brundtland)” and it will  “bequeath (the world) in an improved state to succeeding generations as boni patres familias (Marx)”.