Nr. 20 - PENTESILEA 2018, MAT

60 x 60 x 80 cmdifferent types of wood

from the series: "Citta' invisible e non".

"Penthesilea is different. You advance for hours and it is not clear to you whether you are already in the city's midst or still outside it. ... And so you continue from outskirts to outskirts, and then comes the time to leave ... . You have given up to trying to understand whether ... there exists a Penthesilea the visitor can recognise and remember, or wether Penthesiea is only the outskirts of itself. The question that now begins to gnaw at your mind is more  frightening: outside Penthesilea does an outside exits? Or, no matter far you go from the city, will you only pass from one limbo to another, never managing to leave it?"  (Italo Calvino, the Invisible cities).

Los Angeles? The Moebian strip (Cat. Nr. 68), space itself?