Nr. 3 - BLACK CARBON Edinburgh 2017, Anais Tondeur with Rita Van Dingenen and Jean-Philippe Putaud

100 x 150 cm: carbon ink print on dibbond, atmospheric black carbon.

Ana├»s Tondeur travelled from the Fair Isle in northern Scotland to Folkestone in southern England. On each day she took a photograph of the sky and the horizon. She also sampled pollution in the atmosphere on a filter. The atmospheric black carbon (soot) was subsequently dissolved from the filter and mixed with the ink with which the photograph shown here was printed. 

When the foto was taken on 30.05.2017 the Carbon Black concentration in the air of Edinburg was 8,18 ug/m3 (PM2.5)

The work emphasises the fact that black carbon pollution, the result of burning coal, oil and wood, is everywhere. Over the centuries, and especially since the industrial revolution, humans have created a thin film of black carbon that envelops the whole Earth. This new geological layer which includes also artificial radioactivity and microplastics, marks the beginning of the Anthropocene. (see also Cat. Nr. 4, Cat. Nr. 5 , Cat. Nr. 14, Cat. Nr. 33, Cat. Nr. 53, Cat. Nr. e6 )