Nr. 31 - SILENT SUN 2019, Matteo Pizzolante

100 x 140 cm: cianotipia e stampa su carta da lucido

The nostalgia that transpires from this work is more than just the nostalgia for the summers that the artist spent in Puglia, in the house of his grandmother.

It is a nostalgia for an epoch, for a past culture. It shows a renovated apartment in an old building: the new but already outdated kitchen made of laminated wood, people that put a sheet over the furniture and left, never to come back. Even the artist did not come back to make what seems to be a photograph. He reconstructed everything from memory using rendering software.

The drawing/photograph shows the demise of modernity, in which it was still thought that a ventilator could fight the heat that each summer became hotter and made the place eventually uninhabitable.