Nr. 49 - Berlin Wall. Sunday, December 31, 1989 1989, Guy Le Querrec

15 x 15 cm: photographic paper

If even the Berlin Wall or the great Chinese wall did not last, how could the separations enshrined in the Modern Constitution (Cat. Nr. 49) last?

   "A few days after the fall of the Berlin Wall (the 9th of November 1989), joy and enthusiasm were continuous. The euphoria grew even greater on New Year's Eve. A very dense human tide had gathered around the Brandenburg Gate: warmth, embraces here and there ... In this incessant frenzy, tears blended with laughter. People of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities were becoming closer as the fireworks and squibs exploded relentlessly. Champagne was flowing.
After photographing the jubilation of this overexcited crowd, I decided to move to a quiet place. I glimpsed, hidden by a row of shrubs, a young couple sitting astride the top of the wall. They were surrendering to this intimate and peaceful moment to love each other and celebrate this new freedom." (Guy Le Querrec)