Nr. 70 - FOUND DOCUMENT #2 1986, Herbert Romerstein, US Information Agency

26x 19 cm: paper, ink

This is a copy of a letter sent on 27 April 1986, three days after the Chernobyl  accident in the former USSR (see Cat. Nr. 14). It was sent by the US Information Agency to a US senator with the suggestion to use the accident for propaganda purposes and put the already weak USSR even more in a bad light. It was an attempt of spreading "fake news" (*). It shows how the differences between US and USSR, between US and THEM were constantly being emphasised, by all means, in full accord with the Modern Constitution and the purification processes related to it (see Cat. Nr. 48).

(*) That attempt has been successful, according to an eye-witness (or rather an ear-witness)  closely related with the Museum. The witness happened to live in Los Angeles in 1986 and heard on the radio that a major nuclear accident had happened in the USSR "with 3000 immediate casualties that had been dumped in a mass grave". The 3000 casualties were suggested in the letter shown here. The immediate casualties of the accident have been less than 50 (but that is not the end of the story, see Cat. Nr. 14)