Nr. 75 - The POSTZOIC
2021, MAT

video: 30 sec

The Anthropocene is usually described as a geological epoch, following the Holocene, which itself followed the Pleistocene, etc.. These epochs are part of the geological era: the Cenozoic, which started 66 Mio years ago, and which was preceded by the Mesozoic, etc.. Geological eras are separated by natural cataclysms that lasted thousands of years and that changed profoundly the geology of the Earth.

Epochs and eras, swell as other time references like eons and periods, are defined by the International Commission on Stratigraphy, and laid down in the International Chronostratigrphy Chart. The present version of this chart, v2017/02, still ends with the Holocene. 

In this video the Anthropocene is presented not as an epoch, but as a cataclysm that is the start of e new geolocical era: the as yet not defined Postzoic, the era beyond life on Earth.

Since, by definition, humans will not be able to define the Postzoic, it might not be a bad idea to foresee and define it now, while they are still around, instead of leaving it all to machines.