Nr. 79 - FUTURE FOSSIL Ia 2020, MAT

90 x 90 cm: wood, acrylic paint. 

This technofossil is part of a group of 3 that the Museum has in its collection (see also Cat. Nr. 80 and Cat. Nr. 81). Apparently all three show the same fossil, remnants of the same disassembled computer, only the substrate is different.  

This substrate looks like fossilized wood: something like coal (Cat. Nr. 8) but not quite. Chemical analysis and C-14 dating revealed that the substrate is in fact made of two strata or layers. The top part, which is black, is a homogeneous 0,1 mm thin layer made of organic molecules that are more than 50.000 years old (50.000 years being the time horizon of the C-14 dating technique). Underneath that first layer there is a second layer that is more complicated as it consists of several sub-layers. So far 7 sub-layers have been identified and they can be grouped into two kinds. Those of the first kind are light brown, 1 mm thick, and consists of organic molecules that are about 50 – 80 years old. These lub-layers are separated (or held together?) by a second kind: transparent, 0.1 mm thick, and with organics of more than 50.000 years old.

The Museum is further investigating.