Nr. 94 - KSHAMA SAWANT 2020, MAT

100 x 100 cm: paper, ink

Kshama Sawant serves on the Seattle City Council since 2013. In a city which hosts companies like Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon, she campaigns for issues like: a minimum wage for all, public transport payed by a millionaire's tax, rent control, stop Artic drilling, ...

Amazon heavily sponsored  a referendum to successfully kill a city tax that would have raised $50 million yearly for public housing and homeless services. During the 2019 election campaign, Amazon spent $1.5 million in an unsuccessful attempt to try an oust Sawant from the city council.

After re-election, Sawant started the “Tax Amazon” movement, which eventually resulted, in 2020, in the approval by the Seattle City Council of a a tax on big businesses that will raise an estimated $210-240 million a year, creating tens of thousands of green jobs by building permanently affordable social housing.