Nr. e3 - NUCLEAR (THE BEGINNING II) copies of Arata Isozaki's 1968 "Re-Ruined Hiroshima" and more.

installation, largest frame 34,5 x 99,0 cm: internet downloads, inkjet plotter paper and ink, pen ink, iron.

original: Re-ruined Hiroshima, 1968, Arata Isozaki, 35.2 x 93.7 cm Museum of Modern Art, New York.

The Japanese architect Arata Isozaki was 14 years old when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely destroyed by atomic bombs. He recalls: “It was silent. Time stopped. Moreover, it was the end of history. All explosion, dangers around and all that so clearly constituted the future disappeared”, and continues “If the image of those ruins burned so deeply in my eyes and if my memory was prohibiting me from excercising my imagination on the future, should I not simply embrace the idea and accept that the future will be composed of the same kind of ruins?

This photo montage shows Hiroshima after an undefined second disaster that destroyed once again the modern mega-structures that were built after the first one. The work was first shown at the XIV Triennale in Milan, in 1968 ( which was boycotted by workers, students and artists.)

Arata Isozaki is the architect of the Allianz building in Milan, the building with the highest roof top in the city. It was officially inaugurated in 2015.