Nr. e4 - WEATHER AND CLIMATE 2019, Frank Raes/GLUON

Work produced by Frank Raes within the Scientist in Residence Programme of GLUON (BE), in collaboration with Jan De Cock / STUDIO TORINO (BE/IT), Alessandro Dosio / The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (IT/EU) and David Surprenant (CAN)

The difficulty of grasping the issue of climate change is that we do not live in the climate but in the weather. We experience the weather of today (but we cannot do anything about the weather of tomorrow). We do not experience the climate of the past 30 years (but we can do something about the climate of the coming 30 years!).

The exhibit consists of six panels that are six excerpts of a 30 meters long work showing, simultaneously, weather and climate data near Amsterdam. Data run from the beginning of the 20th century, based on weather observations, till the end of the 21th century, based on climate model predictions following a business as usual scenario. The left column in each table shows the variability of the daily weather. The right column shows the slowly changing climate.

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