Nr. e8 - GENETOLOGY 2009, Maarten Vanden Eynde

4 rolls documenting “the Science of New Things" or “Genetology" as invented and developed by artist Maarten Vanden Eynde.

Each roll is a  2-dimensional cut through a virtual multi-dimensional collection of things, mainly artworks. The cut follows roughly the direction of an existence science: cosmology (Cat. Nr. 63), zoology (Cat. Nr. 64), geology (Cat. Nr. 65) and archeology (Cat. Nr. 66).

These cuts through hyperspace (Cat . Nr. 7) are relevant for the work at the Museum.  They offer more material and ways of studying the hyperspace in which we live: new  ways of seeing and new things seen. 

   “Genetology or science of first things is a self invented science first used by J. Bertani in his publication Genetology, or, The reproduction of human beauty & excellence, considered (1864), creating an opposition for the existing dominant science of last things, Eschatology. Genetology’s main area of research is our fascination with time and its consequences: How will we look back to the past in the future? What will be left over from the present? What is ‘new’ or ‘first’ in the future? … (All works shown and described) feel the pulse of time and balance between the temporary and the timeless. … Slowly I’m trying to define and understand Genetology. “ (Maarten Vanden Eynde)