The Museum of Anthropocene Technology is midway between an art gallery and a science laboratory; it  collects objects from  the Anthropocene - a time period around 2000 CE - and turns them into things that tell about a seemingly problematic relationship between humans and nature. The museum contributes to a growing understanding  about how this relationship determined the lives of humans and non-humans during that period. It also tries to answer questions like: when exactly did the Anthropocene came to an end; what are the reasons - one or many - that it came to an end; how did the Earth, Life and Humanity eventually continue up till today?

" Una visita ai diversi strati del cervello umano." (Julio 30/10/22)

" Più che guardavo, meno capivo, e più che diventavo curioso." (Franco 15/10/2022)

 " ... losgekoppeld van een catastrofale afloop of een rampenverhaal, toont het museum met humor een poging tot het begrijpen en archiveren van onze cultuur vandaag. (...) Is niet-relativerende humor een strategie om voorbij het ecorouwen te kijken?" (Barbara 30/8/2022)

"Het is interessant, maar ook mooi." (Werner 29/6/2022)

"I was puzzled when I entered the museum, and totally confused when I left it: my thinking had exploded." (Jens, 10/9/2021)

" ... respiriamo tutti in Gaia, con Gaia, la terra. Uscire da questo "museo a conduzione familiare" e ritrovare la pianta, la nuvola, la neve, pacificati. Grazie!" (Serena, 29/12/2020)

"It is an incredible, thought provoking experience to visit the museum ..." (Wim, 15/07/2020)

"Un modo originale per comprendere la nostra epoca confusa e immaginare un nuovo rinascimento." (Stefano, 22/03/2020)

"Absolutely one of the most interesting things I've done this year! " (Ute, 03/12/2019)

"We were all left with a surprising new outlook on the world as we left the museum." (Axelle, 28/05/2019)

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