There is challenging but beautiful work to be done: gather the things of our times: quasi-objects, hybrids, hyperobjects, ... and use these collections as Wunderkammern and instruments to study and tackle the collective issues of the Anthropocene.

Collecting the things of our times, try out different exhibits, until “things fall in place”, until hyperobjects become fully visible, create wonder and doubt and show that things are more complex than what they are taught to be. Use all of this to recompose knowledge. Use curatorship to cure. If the separation between Naturalia and Artificialia no longer works, what can be the new categories? Could, for instance, things be divided into Light ones and Multiple ones, or Quick ones and Consistent ones? Could these qualities be useful to see and live the world in a different way, to go beyond the dualisms of Modernity, and to better tackle the collective issues of the Anthropocene?