Nr. 2 - GLASSES MADE IN P.C.R. 2016, ? (humans and non-humans?

15 x 15 x 4 cm: glass, plastic, copper.

A simple object, made of plastic and glass, with a specific function. On the inner side of the frame there is written: Made in China. This makes explode the object, these glasses, in something much more complex. They were designed in Italy, but we can see the Chinese workers who produced them, polluting the air and the waters of their city. We remember the wars in the Middle-East, for oil: the raw material for plastics. Then the ships that transport the oil to China, and those that bring the glasses to Italy. And why made in China? Because Chinese labour is cheaper. So are we earning too much, or are they earning too little? All this makes of the object a hyperobject, a thing, that is difficult to dispose of.

Glasses to look, to look and make visible (Cat. Nr. 46)