Nr. e15 - BRANCUSI I 2013-2014, MAT

The sculptor Constantin Brancusi (1876 – 1957) is one of the individuals who has always been present, up till the present, when developing the Museum. It was not clear why, but that didn’t matter.

An answer to the why question found its way to the Museum. In a presentation that choreographer Anne Theresa Dekeersmaeker gave at the College de France in 2019, she begins and ends with quoting Brancusi. She begins with: ”There are some fools who define my work as abstract. Yet, what they qualify as “abstract” is that which is the most realistic; it is not appearance that is real but rather the idea, which is the very essence of things.” She ends with: “Simplicity is not the goal of the arts. But one arrives at simplicity, despite ourselves, by getting closer to the real sense of things. Simplicity is complexity itself. We must use its essence to nourish ourselves so that we may know its value. Simplicity is resolved complexity.”

In these two quotes Brancusi weaves the ideal and the real (Cat. Nr. e19), simplicity and complexity, Plato and Aristotle into one. The quotes are running and chasing each other as on a Moebian strip (Cat. Nr.  68)